3. Review: Sahfee Halal Shampoo Products

Before I permanently wear my hijab, I used to invest lots of money on my hair because I l.o.v.e my long luscious curly wavy hair. Then ever since I made my hijrah on August 2011, guess what happen to my hair maintenance after wearing my hijab everyday? Let’s say I.COULDN’T.CARE.LESS even though it was a very difficult detachment I had with my “popular centre-parting hair” during my Polytechnic days before making my hijab hijrah. People would know, that it’s me from behind, just by looking at my hair. How weird is that?!

Anyway, In the span of 4 years of my hijrah, I vividly remember that I only had my locks trimmed twice and that’s it. No supplementary condition of my hair maintainence and I would change my shampoo every time. I would use my dad’s/sister’s/uncle’s shampoo without battling an eye lid. I would bun my hair up even when I’m at home and as results of all those ignorance, my hair becomes a..junk; major dehydration and alarming hair loss on my pillow when I woke up. So I figured since I’m getting married this year (In sha Allah), I should take more effort in taking care of my crown and additionally WOW-WOW my future zauj with the same hair he has seen before I made my hijrah in 2011. That idea was partly influenced by my hairdresser who talks about the importance of taking care and beautifying ourselves for our future husband. Of course, I am not easily swayed by her influence until I realised she speaks the truth after I flipped open the first few pages of “A gift for Muslim Bride” book which reveals this..


“Therefore appeal to our Muslim sisters to ensure that their bodies, their clothing and their permissible means of beautification should all harness the complete attention of their husbands….When the wife takes the time and effort to beautify herself, she will be saving her husband from major sins.”

This is enough to make me grateful that future zauj always gets excited and will always be whenever I decide to make a trip to my muslimah hair salon at Jurong West after a very long “hiatus”.

So here’s where my review for my first ever halal shampoo products, comes in.

I don’t know how influential this review can have on you but maybe have an open mind?

I had known sis Rosma from Juz Naturelle through a networking event I attended in 2014, our relationship was mutual in a way; we knew each other’s business and services and we became acquainted in Facebook and also on WhatsApp. So I had finally decide to be consistent in my hair maintenance with her Sahfee Halal Hair products without much influence from her posts on my newsfeed. 





Usually I am particularly swooned by impressive advertorials I see on Facebook but it doesn’t take long for me to be influenced by her simple marketing efforts. Before you assume that I directly make my order through WhatsApp, I actually bought online and its super convenient to buy her products through her website! You can also take a look at her Facebook page here.

I know some people have trust issues buying anything online or let alone on Facebook, you got to trust Allah and the seller because sellers are human too and they are after all working hard to be ethical sellers and strive to follow the Islamic etiquette in gaining baraqah from what they sell/do 🙂


I had dry scalp and fragile hair after 4 years of negligence….so after going back and forth comparing the products on her website, I bought the bundled gift set: White Musk Hair Set here. It’s really worth the money!!


Alhamdulillah, I received the Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask as promised within 2 days from my date of purchase (22 December 2014). The body lotion I received was totally unexpected too! I barely knew that sis Rosma does her own delivery until I received a text from her, informing me that she couldn’t deliver my orders on time, hence the unexpected body lotion was given to me as a comfort to enhance my trust in her even more! Masha Allah ❤ I really appreciate her sincerity to make me feel valued… subhan Allah.. May Allah bless her sincerity and grant her Baraqah in her businesses.

So, using the product were easy peasy as she had given me a useful small pamphlet on how to use my Hair Musk products according to my hair condition as seen below.

I still keep it till today. 🙂

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3

(Click on the image to view)


Thankfully with the small pamphlet she provide, keeping track of my washing-hair days is actually easy to remember!

I found out that my hair loss, reduces a top notch if I stay consistent with my washing-hair frequency. The hair musk smell feels fresh on my scalp too and the scent of my hair is even long lasting when I wear hijab! I did tried washing my hair and purposely wear hijab when it’s still damp, the smell is Masha Allah! I don’t get headaches despite the damp hair too. 

Give it a try. 🙂
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