1. Now she blogs her journey (Part 1)


Salam, Hi you all! My name is Nura and I’m still young at heart! I’m an undergrad in Business Management with Internship Placement, due to graduate in Autumn 2015 (hopefully!).If you had known me from Instagram, you might know me as @_nuraby but I’ve recently “moved” to a new Instagram profile account @petiteyogilateschic (est 2015). Can you guess  why I’ve been using Petite Yogilates Chic in my Facebook page and current Instagram too when I can just use my so uncommon name Nura Ahmad? Yes, its an IDENTITY I create for you to remember me. What i hope to get out of that identity is building relationship and friendship with people for a long, long time ever since 2013 when I first started my baby steps in my passion to teach.


My first few clients who are my aunt’s friends &family (Left to right: Rozanna and her family) and my Instagram friend, Maizura.

The interest to build relationship and friendship, explains briefly, why I try to go to any networking opportunities if its an opportune time for me to invest outside of school. I’m not an intelligent individual but I’m one who uses my emotions a lot, so I’m an EQ girl, a highly sensitive extrovert. (Thankful and useful for me to enhance my service to anyone crosses my path, but at times, its that complex personality which i despise myself at times when I’m off balance.. Let’s not get there YET).

I used to blog with Tumblr, the page is still alive if you want to take a look or take a read, click here and WHY I choose to continue blogging here when I can use Instagram as my micro-blogging medium is, I.need.to.pen.down.my.thoughts and create new memories on my passion in learning and a comeback in my fitness adventures before I restart my passion to teach again after graduation. So here, I shall save my deep thoughts, giving future reviews and sharing future potential tips and my experiences in fitness, health, mental hygiene, staying fit in my future pregnancies (hopefully)  for you to keep on reading! Yes, old habits of research and learning die hard. And i love to read, one way to keep my mind from idling… “An idle mind is a devil’s playground” and we don’t want that to happen, do we?


So here’s more about me on my first post. Naturally, I’m a risk taker, I consider it as blessing at times that its a hereditary attributes I got from my father who manage an xxxxxxxx business. We all have to leave the shore and embrace some thrilling adventures in life, subconsciously you might know this but we take risks all the time like hitting the snooze button, get more sleep and risk that 10 minutes of snooze to skip a breakfast or risk a sweet, slow start to fuel our engine at work/school perhaps? My greatest risk I took which accumulates to the existence of Petite Yogilates Chic and this blog, is juggling my passion in Yogilates while pursuing my full-time undergraduate University of Birmingham studies at SIM Global Education.

But first, before you even think this might be a long one, I’ll be segregating the story behind Petite Yogilates Chic into 3 parts! In the span of 2 years 3 months (dated: 11 February 2015 as we speak) being Petite Yogilates Chic , there’s nothing much to measure my success after leaving the shore and dive into my passion except that

(Part 1)
• I’m a Merrithew STOTT PILATES Trained Instructor since 2013 when I was about to pursue my undergraduate studies, I had taken a lapse year after graduating from Diploma course in Biomedical Engineering and decided to do an early 20s search – of what I want to do in life! 😛 At that point of time, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and chronic gastritis, ouch. I was a competitive fitness enthusiast in my early 18s-20s taking my first yoga classes at True Yoga without my father’s consent (yes, I was rebellious to try new things rather than keeping my head in poly), Muay thai at ROUGH Muay Thai Academy, Ballroom dance in NYP and was an avid long distance marathoner, to remember correctly.. Imagine once you’ve been diagnosed with an illness that sucks the life out of you, from your appetite, your energy and even your happiness, I was defeated to being active while battling against a deadly bacterial virus in my digestive system called helicobacter pylori. H.pylori may cause colon cancer if its not treated. Imagine the nightmare I had at such younggggggg age! Subhan Allah!

A picture of me, taking my final test 4 months after I was diagnosed with h.pylori.
As you can see, alhamdulillah I overcame my chronic gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

The annoying little deadly fella (h.pylori bacteria) turned my life into a turn at 360 degrees, I decided to use the lapse year I had, and enrolled in Merrithew STOTT PILATES Intensive-Mat Instructor course on  14 December 2012 at Options Studio to ensure my first comeback at fitness is just right for me. 

76746_4350967567006_17146252_nScreen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.13.32 am
Image source from my private Instagram account @_nuraby
The combination of complementing my yoga self-practice and STOTT PILATES knowledge, was a start of something I never knew it could happen, the Yogilates practice and knowledge. Hence, giving “birth” to the name Petite Yogilates Chic sounds legit though. 😛

A friend whom I look up to, thinks that everyone can write. Just write from the heart.
This in itself, shall be the start of an alternative remedy to document my life and passion, and keep track of my mental health being.. Here’s to living an enlightened living being fully alive and fully aware.

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