2. What does it mean to forgive

Just like a tiny worthless seed which grows beautifully into a valuable flower, I put my trust in Allah that with my imperfections, I’ll be as perfect as Allah wants me to be to serve Him, my family, my companions from all walks of life and my community, all by the grace of Allah. It is ni’mah (blessing) to still […]

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1. Now she blogs her journey (Part 1)

Salam, Hi you all! My name is Nura and I’m still young at heart! I’m an undergrad in Business Management with Internship Placement, due to graduate in Autumn 2015 (hopefully!).If you had known me from Instagram, you might know me as @_nuraby but I’ve recently “moved” to a new Instagram profile account @petiteyogilateschic (est 2015). Can you guess […]

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